Many people need help paying bills ASAP, whether it’s due to financial, physical, or mental difficulties. Especially during this past year of exceptionally hard times. With job security out the door and unemployment skyrocketing, making money is on top of everyone’s priority list. From simple part-time jobs to different online options, making money in a remote setting has become easier over time with the help of the internet. Finding different ways to make extra cash or even get an advance on a paycheck is easier than ever. When looking for different methods to make extra money, you can go about it a few different ways. From payday loans to short-term loans and online jobs, the options are endless, and the skill requirements are minimal. The hardest part about making money is starting the process. Breaking down any potential complications and expressing the simplicity of making money on the side is imperative for a beginner to understand. The fear of the unknown is intimidating, but knowledge and experience will help relieve anxiety when looking for ways to make extra cash in order to pay some bills or pay off debt.

Need Help Paying Bills ASAP

Need Help Paying Bills ASAP – PAYDAY LOANS

Let’s say you have a bill coming up, and you don’t have the cash to pay it. This can be very stressful, especially if it means losing certain privileges such as water and electricity. A quick way to get cash is to request a payday loan. You can either get these types of loans online or at your local cash advance location. The requirements for these types of loans are simple. You have to promise to pay back what is given. Usually, these loans have a high interest rate, and you do not want to owe money on these types of loans for very long. They give around two weeks to pay them back, hence the term payday loan. The application process is simple, and they do not check credit scores. Therefore, this type of loan is good for people looking for a online personal loans for bad credit. You can request whatever amount is needed and have cash in hand immediately. Although you receive cash then and there, be careful not to fall into a debt trap by not paying back your loan. The only time you should request a payday loan is when you have another means of income coming in that will pay that debt off. If you do not follow basic payment plans, then you will end up with massive debt. Payday loans are great to use for immediate situations, but taking these kinds of loans without the intention to pay them off quickly will leave you in more debt than before. Be wise when choosing your loan company as flexibility is important, and on-time payments are mandatory for you to obtain some extra cash without repercussions. However, if you have a paycheck coming in within the week, but you have a bill that’s due today, payday loans will allow you to make that payment so there is no interruption in services. Missing a bill can hurt your credit, so be sure to pay your bill and your payday loan back in a timely fashion to avoid extra charges and unwanted chaos.


Need Help Paying Bills ASAP – SHORT-TERM LOANS

Another type of online loan to help pay bills is a short-term loan. These types of loans are in place to help those needing to pay off credit cards or other bills. These loans are unsecured, which means they do not require collateral. You don’t have to place personal assets down to obtain financing. These loans are hassle-free, but they tend to have a higher interest rate just like payday loans. The difference between payday loans and short-term loans is that the short-term loan allows you to pay them back over time. This is promising for someone looking for work but has not found anything yet since it gives them more time to pay the loan back. However, the interest rate is high with these types of unsecured loans. They are in place to help people with lower credit scores and less money and are burdensome if unpaid for an extended period. The approval rates are high, and as long as you feel confident in your ability to pay back what you’re borrowing plus any accrued interest and fees, you will generally have no issues getting approved. Once accepted, be sure to set reminders and dates when you need to pay it back and ask these loan companies what the interest rate and fees look like to avoid any surprises. Short-term loans are helpful if used carefully and with your overall finances in mind.


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The best way to make extra cash to pay your bills without taking out a loan is by looking for work online. There are millions of different types of jobs looking to hire people on many different websites. If you need something flexible that can be picked up only when needing extra money, looking online for these jobs is helpful and rewarding. From transcriptionists to tutors, finding online jobs that cater to your scheduling needs will help pay some bills on time. Take a good look at what your skills are and look around for specific opportunities. If you are an excellent English speaker, then certain websites will pay to tutor people in English. Another skill that is overlooked in many workplaces is the ability to market and organize social media posts. Many large corporations and even single-owner businesses look for reliable people to plan, schedule, and post for their website. If you have a simple knack for writing and grammar, there are even more opportunities for you! From writing articles to blog posts for social media influencers, the possibilities are endless! Take a look at your overall skill set and don’t downplay any skills you have obtained in the workforce. Customer service representatives are always needed but usually require a full or part-time position. A more flexible means of making money is to sell things you have lying around that are of no use to you. Finding items to sell and listing them may take a few minutes, but then you have to wait for someone to purchase them, which may or may not happen. However, if you are interested in making extra money, setting time aside to do it is essential.

In conclusion, making extra money when you need help paying bills ASAP can be a challenge, but if you take the time to analyze your skills and financial situation, taking advantage of the best option for yourself and your family is easy. Loans are a great, easy way to get money quickly when needed. Finding the best loans online or through someone you know is the best way to get extra cash to help your situation. If you have time before any bills come through, looking at different online job options will allow you to make money without owing money. It is also a great way to start a side hustle! Depending on the nature of your situation will allow you to determine what your best means of paying off bills is. If in need of immediate attention, payday and short-term loans will be the better option. If you have time to make a little extra cash before the bill is due, finding a side job will help you make extra money to pay the said bill. Take your time and analyze your situation before jumping into anything and stay on top of any loans or jobs you end up getting! That way, you can pay your bills and have no outstanding debt in unwanted places.

Mike Lombardi, MBA

Mike Lombardi, MBA

Personal Finance Expert

Mike Lombardi earned his bachelor’s degree in Finance, as well as his MBA in Economics. He has been in the personal finance industry for 24 years. He spent 12 years working for a large bank as the loan operations manager before switching gears and managing client portfolios at a small wealth management firm. He enjoys helping people develop and implement a personal budget, formulate a strategy to improve their credit scores, and show them how to work towards becoming debt free by designing a debt reduction plan unique to each person’s situation.