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Get Car Financing With Good or Bad Credit

Auto Credit Express is a leading provider of lender and dealer connections for people who need new and used car loans in the USA and Canada. If you have bad credit, low credit, no credit or have been turned down in the past due to bankruptcy, we can help you get a car loan through a special finance lender.

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Get Bad Credit Auto Loans in Dallas, TX

Whether you need to pay for unexpected medical expenses or make urgent repairs to your vehicle, a short-term loan may be a lifesaver during a time of need. This is why we offer bad credit auto loans in Dallas, TX. Sub-prime auto loans have helped car owners recover from a wide variety of financial setbacks, including bankruptcy, eviction, and divorce. We want to help you overcome any money emergency and get on with life through bad credit auto loans.

When you come to I Need Help Paying Bills, you’ll start the application process for bad credit vehicle financing in the same safe, convenient place as for any other type of auto loan: online, in the comfort of your own home. When you apply for bad credit auto credit financing with I Need Help Paying Bills, we will search beyond your poor credit rating to try to uncover suitable vehicle loan choices for you.

Enjoy easy auto financing with us. Get in touch with us today for more information.

Why Do People Choose Us?
Because We Know How To Help

Simply connecting people with automotive financing is not enough for us here at Auto Credit Express. We want to improve our customers’ lives. We strive to do this by helping people repair damaged credit through realistic opportunities for auto loan approvals. We do this for everyone, even if they have not had the best track record in the past or have gone through a bankruptcy.

Bad Credit
People with Bad Credit

We help car buyers with poor credit scores connect to automobile dealerships that may give them a second chance and can get them approved fast for sub-prime auto financing, even with zero or $500 down. ACE works with auto finance companies and car lots in the US and Canada.

We may be able to help you get auto financing no matter what your credit profile is. We work with auto shoppers who have good, fair, terrible or no credit history, as well as with people who have no money down.

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Bankruptcy Auto Loans
Filed For Bankruptcy?

Here at Auto Credit Express we may be able to find a lender or dealer that can get approved for vehicle financing even while you’re going through awful situations like bankruptcy and repossession. Obtaining an auto loan after bankruptcy discharge is one of the best ways to help you rebuild your credit score, and even if you have not completed the bankruptcy process you’re still eligible for an open bankruptcy auto loan. Get back on the road today in a car from one of our national car dealerships that accept bankruptcy clients and specialize in subprime lending.

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Leasing & Buying Programs
Leasing & Buying Programs

We have people ask us all the time, “Is it better to sign a lease for a vehicle or try to get approved for a loan?” The answer isn’t so straight-forward because each person’s financial situation, credit history and vehicle requirements are different. These factors play a large role in deciding whether leasing a car or taking out an auto loan is the better choice. By evaluating our customer’s needs, we can more accurately decide what financing option is going to be the most beneficial for them.

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Special Financing Companies

Poor credit scores can leave you looking for a special finance company to help you when you want to purchase a new or used car. The good news is that if you’re reading this you do not need to look any further for a company that may be able to connect you with a lender that will get you approved auto financing. We specialize in helping people who traditional lenders do not want to lend to – and we can help you right now. People with reliable income get approved everyday for a special finance car loan.

Military Financing

To see how we can help, visit our military auto loan explanation page to see how we can help active duty and retired military members get auto financing.

Additional Auto Loan Information

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