Small business owners often don’t realize they can benefit from additional growth finance options outside standard bank loans. Urgent, personal, and easy approval loans are great for businesses that require temporary access to funds for a few weeks or months.

Access to cash flow is necessary for any firm, and short-term funding can be a fantastic resource for business owners. Keep reading to learn all about the many uses of short-term loans for entrepreneurs.

Initial investments needed to set up a business

Short-term loans are a common funding source for prospective entrepreneurs, especially when it’s time to launch quickly to get interim patent protection or meet pent-up consumer needs. In many cases, a relatively modest cash injection is all that is required to get a business off the ground or to make some much-needed improvements to its current state of operations.

Acquiring funding for expansion

If you want your company to expand, whether that means creating brand-new items or opening offices in foreign countries, you’ll need a healthy cash flow. Your production expenses will rise in sync with your rising sales. Expanding a company can be done in several ways, but all of them call for a monetary investment—which is where short-term loans come in.

In the first phases of growth, you may only need a little capital to cover incremental costs, such as purchasing new supplies or paying slightly higher rent for a larger office. Short-term finance can be a good strategy to support such expansion.

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Contingency planning for unforeseen costs

A good practice for every company (but especially for startups and SMEs) is to keep a healthy emergency reserve in order to weather any unexpected financial storms. Short-term financing is a great way for businesses with limited financial reserves to avoid going under in the event of unexpected costs.

Anything from unexpectedly high legal fees or tax hikes to a surge in the price of materials and shipping could fall into this category. Without adequate planning and foresight, these can have a devastating effect on a company’s bottom line.

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Mike Lombardi, MBA

Mike Lombardi, MBA

Personal Finance Expert

Mike Lombardi earned his bachelor’s degree in Finance, as well as his MBA in Economics. He has been in the personal finance industry for 24 years. He spent 12 years working for a large bank as the loan operations manager before switching gears and managing client portfolios at a small wealth management firm. He enjoys helping people develop and implement a personal budget, formulate a strategy to improve their credit scores, and show them how to work towards becoming debt free by designing a debt reduction plan unique to each person’s situation.